June 2009


Popout is another Spogg game. Here you are trying to rescue cute little aliens from the bubbles they are trapped in. The aliens are called Spogglings and to free them, you have to get three or more Spogglings of the same color together in a horizontal or vertical direction. You can only swap positions of the Spogglings which are located next to each other, and the move must result in 3 or more Spogglings of the same color being together.
You move the Spogglings by either clicking and dragging the Spoggling you want to move in the direction of your choice or just click and release and the Spoggling will move in the best direction. The meter to the right side of the game board shows how long time that's left in the game. You can chat with other online players as in other Spogg games by just typing on your keyboard.
If you are a member, the games are either 5, 10 or 20 minutes long. The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Depending on several factors you will also receive (or lose) ranking points after a game.
Here's a link to Popout by Spogg in case you want to play!


Multris is published by Spogg. Their website is sometimes known as Planet Spogg. The games are really first class and done very well. They are Java based so if you have the latest Java download installed you don't have to install anything else. You can play as a Public member which means you don't have to register or anything. To get to some of the better game rooms you just have to register as a member. I don't think it costs anything, but they do have a paid program as well that has some extra perks associated with it.
Multris is a lot like Tetris where there are falling blocks and you have to move and rotate the blocks before they reach the bottom. The fun, multi-player aspect to the game is that you can send Spogglings to online opponents, which is not a good thing for them. You can also chat with opponents as you are playing them.
Scoring is as follows: Every block you place is worth 10 points. Removing 1 line is 100 points, 2 lines are 300 points, 3 lines are 600 points and 4 lines are worth 1000 points. If your game screen fills up with blocks you will lose 25% of your points and the screen will be completely cleared of blocks.
Here's a link to Multris by Spogg in case you want to play a game:
Play Multris !

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