January 2010


This is a multi-player racing game by Spogg. You can race against the clock or against your friends online. Your ship is a racing pod called an Aerony. I guess it is supposed to sound like Air or something. Another cool thing about the game is that you can chat with your friends while you are racing them online.
Playing the game
The object is to hit all checkpoints on a lap and then cross the finish line. If you miss a checkpoint you have to go back and hit it. A race is usually 3 laps. There are also some power-ups: Speed Up (increasing maximum speed), Speed Down (decreases maximum speed), Swap Keys (inverts your steering), Shield (makes you invincible to bad things), Shock (temporarily disables a ship). If you hit a spiked wall you will be shocked for a short moment of time.
On the top left you will see the time elapsed of the race and number of laps completed. Here you can also see picked up power-ups and power-ups currently activated. Good power-ups are activated instantly. To send a bad power-up to an opponent you click on the opponent ship (that means you have to see the ship) or press F1-F3 to send it to an opponent anywhere on the map. If you wish to remove a picked up power-up just press escape and it will be removed.
On the top right you'll see the exit button and current positions in the race.
In the bottom right corner there's a map showing the entire track and where your opponents are.
To start a race just click the START RACE button in the middle of the screen.
Here is a link to Aerony Racer in case you want to play
Play Aerony Racer
Aerony Racer