Shooter Games


If you have played HeliAttack 1, 2 or 3, you will like this game. You are a helicopter pilot and are surrounded by enemies. Heli Combat Some of the enemies are on the ground and some are in the air. You must use your rockets, bombs and machine guns to get rid of them before they get rid of you! Record your highest score on the high score page. There are also 4 kinds of upgrades for your helicopter.
Try out this fun shooter game! Heli Combat


Here is a new shooter game that lets you blast ships out of the water. You play a submarine that is trying to survive an onslaught of bombs and depth charges that are being hurled at you from above. You must charge up your sub missile and fire at just the right time to destroy the enemy ships.
The longer you charge up your missiles, the more points you will get for hitting the ships above. There are health powerups that come along occasionally and heal your shields.
The game keeps daily, weekly, monthly high scores so you can see how you did in the game vs. other people.
All in all, a very fun game!
Here is a link to intensub in case you want to play: