Bubble Trouble 2

This has got to be one of the most fun and popular games on the internet! It's called Bubble Trouble 2 (sometimes called Bubble Struggle: 2, Rebubbled). Designed as a follow-up for Bubble Trouble 1, this game takes the bubble-popping adventure of the little red character with the bubble zapper to a whole new level.
Bubble Struggle 2 is characterized by colorful backgrounds that are different for every level and a simple, fun game design.The object of the game is to destroy the dangerous bubbles that bounce around the screen by splitting them into smaller components and finally destroying them altogether.You have to be careful not to get hit or it's curtains for you.
You can play single or multi-player and the game even saves your progress so you can come back and try again without starting over.
Give it an addicting try at the following link:
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Miniclip Commando

Have you ever wanted to relive the battle of Britian in World War II when the Germans were trying to gain control of the skies over the English Channel? They needed to conquer the skies in order to mount a successful invasion of the British Islands. From July 1940 onward, the German Luftwaffe attacked shipping convoys in the English Channel and radar stations along the Southern coast of England.
In this game by Miniclip, you are a Commando on the ground and you are fighting hand-to-hand with the Nazi bad guys. You have guns to shoot, grenades to throw and missles you can launch at your enemies. This is a tense and exciting game that all war-game buffs should really love to play.
If you have any tips or cheats for Miniclip Commando, please post them so everyone can benefit!
Here is a link to Miniclip Commando in case you want to play.
Play Miniclip Commando

Miniclip Deep Freeze

Miniclip Deep Freeze is a web game that you play in your browser. In the game, you play the part of Santa, and you try to freeze your enemies (there are a lot of them!) with your water gun. If you don't stop the bad guys, they will ruin Christmas and the children won't get their toys on time.
You have to shoot each bad guy several times to get rid of them totally. If you shoot them enough, they will turn into an ice ball, roll away and break up. If you don't shoot them enough, they will unfreeze and come at you again.
Just use your arrow keys to move around (left/right/up/down) and the space bar to shoot.
Miniclip Deep Freeze is a LOT of fun.
Here's a link in case you want to play:
Play Miniclip Deep Freeze