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Fish Tales

It's eat or be eaten in this fun tale of the sea. Meet Sunny, a small fish in a huge ocean. To survive, you must eat the fish smaller than yourself while avoiding being eaten by the fish bigger than you are. As you eat the smaller fish, you will grow and will be able to eat even bigger fish. Make sure to avoid the giant blue sharks! Can Sunny grow large enough to defeat even them? There's only one way to find out!
There are many levels to survive as you chomp your way through the vastness of the ocean. All in all, this is a very addicting game challenge your friends and see who can get the furthest.
In case you want to play Fish Tales, here is a link.
Play Fish Tales

Santa's Last Christmas 2

There is really bad news. The aliens have come to destroy Christmas for all the boys and girls. You must play Santa and blast all the aliens or this will be the Last Christmas - ever! This is version 2 of Santa's Last Christmas and it is an improvement over the first game. Santa has a cool little space ship and the aliens, some of whom look like fried eggs, are shooting at Santa.
He must use his shooter to blast them out of the sky. He also has one secret weapon which is a mega blaster that zaps every enemy currently on the screen.
All-in-all, a great fun game.
Here is a link in case you want to play Santa's Last Christmas 2
Santa's Last Christmas 2

Polar Rescue

There is a really fun online game called Polar Rescue. It is a bit of an older game, but is challenging and interesting nonetheless. In this game, you are a penguin, and you are on a mission. Are you ready? You have to defeat all the enemies along the way, including a polar bear and an ice giant with a spiked head. The ice giant is at the end of the game and shoots out a lightning bolt that is very effective in killing your penguin character.
Cheats in killing the polar bear:
You have to shoot the polar bear with about 12 rounds of shots to kill him. Stay close to the ledge and jump back up whenever he comes too close. Eventually he will die and you will get a key that opens a door to the next level.
Cheats in killing the Ice Giant with the spiked head and lightning bolts:
To kill the giant blue guy after the polar bear, you have to shoot the icicles above his head. When you do, they will fall on him and hurt him. Then the icicle will grow back. Do that five times.
After you run out of icicles, you have to keep shooting his head with snowballs. There are more snowballs at the lower left corner of the screen. Eventually the blue giant will die.
In order to kill him, you have to be quick and avoid his blue zapper ray.
Please post any other cheats or tips for Polar Rescue here so everyone can read them.
If you want to play Polar Rescue, here is a link.
Play Polar Rescue