Strategy Games

Dude Bear: Love Adventure

This is the cutest love game ever! Try to get the boy and girl bears together so they can continue their sweet love affair. Collect all the hearts, then move the he-bear to meet the she-bear.
There is a video walkthrough if you get stuck.
Play Dude Bear: Love Adventure

Aztec Mind

Aztec Mind is an extremely addictive puzzle game. Over 200 Levels with Unlocking Trophies in this cool 3D game. Just drag the blocks where you want them to go so the blue block can get to the exit. Easy? or just looks easy? We'll never tell. Try it out for yourself: Play Aztec Mind

Jumpie 2

Jumpie is back - better than ever! Jumpie is a ball who just loves to jump. You must get him safely through all the hoops without hitting the edges or falling off the end of the world.
This is a great strategy game where you try to get Jumpie through all 24 levels in the minimum amount of jumps. If you fly through the rings, you will unlock the next level where the next challenge awaits.
All in all, a fun rings game.
Give it a try:
Jumpie 2

Crumbled 2

In this game you are a crumpled piece of paper, trying to survive in a hostile world of spinning pencils and flying ink blobs. There are 30 fun and challenging levels, which start out pretty easy but gradually get harder as you go.
The fun twist to this game is that you must use your mouse to draw the land that the paper travels upon. Survive to reach the flag and move on to the next level. At the end is a giant pencil boss that you must hit on his eraser to drain him of health and win the game.
This is version 2 of Crumbled 1, and has all new levels and challenges.
Here is a link to Crumbled 2 if you want to play.Play Crumbled 2

Pengo Fandango

Pengo Fandango is a game of Penguin Survival against all odds!

Pengo Fandango
Pengo Fandango
Do you love penguins? If you do, come play Pengo Fandango.It\'s a game of survival with your penguin. Push the ice blocks into the evil snowthings to kill them. Kill all the snowthings to win!Be quick! You only have 60 seconds per level!
Try out this cool Penguin survival game!