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Smiley Showdown

A fun chain reaction game where you get to blow up thousands of smileys!!!
This is the most fun smiley game ever. It has been ported to Android and XBox360 as well.
Some user quotes:
"Really, great fun. A wonderful way to kill time. A pleasure to review this game."

"Please put this on facebook I would play it over and over"

"I think the game is great just the way you have made it, don't change anything."

Play Smiley Showdown Now

Dude Bear: Love Adventure

This is the cutest love game ever! Try to get the boy and girl bears together so they can continue their sweet love affair. Collect all the hearts, then move the he-bear to meet the she-bear.
There is a video walkthrough if you get stuck.
Play Dude Bear: Love Adventure

Aztec Mind

Aztec Mind is an extremely addictive puzzle game. Over 200 Levels with Unlocking Trophies in this cool 3D game. Just drag the blocks where you want them to go so the blue block can get to the exit. Easy? or just looks easy? We'll never tell. Try it out for yourself: Play Aztec Mind

Jumpie 2

Jumpie is back - better than ever! Jumpie is a ball who just loves to jump. You must get him safely through all the hoops without hitting the edges or falling off the end of the world.
This is a great strategy game where you try to get Jumpie through all 24 levels in the minimum amount of jumps. If you fly through the rings, you will unlock the next level where the next challenge awaits.
All in all, a fun rings game.
Give it a try:
Jumpie 2

Magic Factory

Welcome to the magic toy factory!
This is a beautifully illustrated and really fun puzzle game where you have to find the differences between two pictures. It is not like many games of this sort where the differences are almost impossible to find. The game strikes a great balance between challenge and fun.
Another part of the game is putting pictures back together like a jig saw puzzle! There is also a video walkthrough for the game in case you get lost.
This puzzle game is really worth your time.
Here is a link in case you want to play:
Play Magic Factory


A game of skill where you try to blow up the floating bombs on each level. Be careful, though, because you only get one shot. You must time your "boom" so that it causes a chain reaction of all the other bombs as they run into your explosion.
If you don\'t explode enough bombs, you get to repeat the level before you can move on to the next one.
There are 22 challenging levels that will keep you "exploding" for hours.
Here is a link to Bombtasm if you want to play.
Play Bombtasm